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What are your favorite study tips and tricks?



Nothing is more frustrating than attempting to learn a new subject or new material and feeling like you are getting absolutely no where.

I received my bachelors degree in 2011. Last year, I went back to school to talk prerequisite courses for PA school. I lost my previous study habits. Internet search engines have improved. Homework is mostly done online. The entire educational system has changed. I must be adaptable and change with it. Here are the tips and tricks that worked best for me.

  • Assess what you know.
    • Review the material that will be on the study guide/upcoming exam.
    • Ask yourself: What do I know? What sections am I comfortable with?
    • Great! Now do not focus on that material. Start with the material you are least comfortable with.
    • Don’t completely disregard the material you think that you are comfortable with. Be sure to review everything.
    • You are not testing yourself if you are not challenging yourself.

  • Don’t wait until the last minute
    • Start early.
    • Chemistry is my weakness. I get frustrated quickly. Knowing this, I dedicate 1 to 2 hours every 2 days to studying and reviewing the material.
      • The short stretches let me review enough of the material before getting too frustrated and giving up.
    • If you come across material you just do not understand, reach out for help.
    • You will feel less stressed and will be less likely to cram the night before the exam.

  • Ask for practice problems
    • Many times professors write their own practice problems for you. This will be super helpful as you will get an insight to the types of problems and structure the exam.
    • Practice problems within the chapter. Typically, these problems are explained step-by-step. It is a great place to begin.
    • Answer the practice questions at the end of the chapter.
      • If the professor pulls questions from a test bank from the text book, it is likely that some of these review questions may appear on the exam.
    • Quizlet is amazing for flash cards. It will save you a ton of time giving you more time to review the cards.
      • You can set up practice tests.
      • If you course has an emphasis on spelling, like medical terminology, you can use the flash cards to test you knowledge of the term and spelling as well.
      • If you are taking art history, pictures can be imported into the flash cards.

  • Seek a second opinion
    • Khan Academy is no secret to success. So use it.
    • Course Hero produces fantastic
    • Check the school counselling center. Some schools provide free tutoring for certain subjects/courses.

What are your favorite study sites and study tips?