Study Study Study

What are your favorite study tips and tricks?



Nothing is more frustrating than attempting to learn a new subject or new material and feeling like you are getting absolutely no where.

I received my bachelors degree in 2011. Last year, I went back to school to talk prerequisite courses for PA school. I lost my previous study habits. Internet search engines have improved. Homework is mostly done online. The entire educational system has changed. I must be adaptable and change with it. Here are the tips and tricks that worked best for me.

  • Assess what you know.
    • Review the material that will be on the study guide/upcoming exam.
    • Ask yourself: What do I know? What sections am I comfortable with?
    • Great! Now do not focus on that material. Start with the material you are least comfortable with.
    • Don’t completely disregard the material you think that you are comfortable with. Be sure to review everything.
    • You are not testing yourself if you are not challenging yourself.

  • Don’t wait until the last minute
    • Start early.
    • Chemistry is my weakness. I get frustrated quickly. Knowing this, I dedicate 1 to 2 hours every 2 days to studying and reviewing the material.
      • The short stretches let me review enough of the material before getting too frustrated and giving up.
    • If you come across material you just do not understand, reach out for help.
    • You will feel less stressed and will be less likely to cram the night before the exam.

  • Ask for practice problems
    • Many times professors write their own practice problems for you. This will be super helpful as you will get an insight to the types of problems and structure the exam.
    • Practice problems within the chapter. Typically, these problems are explained step-by-step. It is a great place to begin.
    • Answer the practice questions at the end of the chapter.
      • If the professor pulls questions from a test bank from the text book, it is likely that some of these review questions may appear on the exam.
    • Quizlet is amazing for flash cards. It will save you a ton of time giving you more time to review the cards.
      • You can set up practice tests.
      • If you course has an emphasis on spelling, like medical terminology, you can use the flash cards to test you knowledge of the term and spelling as well.
      • If you are taking art history, pictures can be imported into the flash cards.

  • Seek a second opinion
    • Khan Academy is no secret to success. So use it.
    • Course Hero produces fantastic
    • Check the school counselling center. Some schools provide free tutoring for certain subjects/courses.

What are your favorite study sites and study tips?

Bucket List

Life is too short to sit down and do nothing. Go outside. Explore. Be brave. Adventure is waiting.

I love flowers. They are beautiful and delicate. They smell so natural and earthy – clean. For something so incredible, their lives are so short. Flowers serve as a great reminder to live life to the fullest and keep moving forward.

What do you want to do?

  1. Travel to each continent
  2. Get accepted to PA school
  3. Take a cake decorating class
  4. Publish a book of family recipes
  5. Design a t-shirt
  6. Save a life
  7. Make a candle
  8. Run a marathon
  9. Take a singing lession
  10. Learn to scuba dive
  11. Make a monthly donation to a charity of my choice for a year
  12. Eat a bug
  13. Go to Brazilian Carnival
  14. Fly in a hot air balloon
  15. Stay at the Giraffe Manor in Kenya
  16. See the Aurora Borealis
  17. Take a cruise
  18. Retire at 60
  19. Stay in the Ice Hotel
  20. Learn another language and have a conversation with someone else in that language
  21. Participate in a Murder Mystery dinner
  22. Visit all 50 states
  23. Swim with manatees
  24. See a musical on Broadway
  25. Write a book
  26. Learn how to meditate properly
  27. Create my own perfume
  28. Participate in a color run
  29. Cage dive with Great White sharks in South America
  30. Participate in a Make-a-Wish Project
  31. Read a book every 2 months for a year
  32. Spend a week in Walt Disney World
  33. Start a business
  34. Swim in the worlds largest pool
  35. Learn to play an instrument
  36. Stand at the base of Mt. Fuji
  37. Have children
  38. Spend a week in Iceland
  39. Pet a penguin
  40. Have dinner at the Magic Castle
  41. Take my pup to a dog beach
  42. Exercise 2 times a week for a month
  43. Build a Habitat for Humanity home
  44. Go on a cross-country road trip
  45. Buy an electric blanket
  46. Go to the top of the worlds tallest building
  47. Take an art lesson
  48. Brew my own beer
  49. Fly in a helicopter
  50. Crash a wedding
  51. Take a self defense class
  52. Sleep under the starts
  53. Invent something
  54. Host a dinner party
  55. Fall in love